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Analog Sound for a Digital World


Two Visionaries, One Vision

Benjamin & Gary Leeds, Co-founders, MODERN Fidelity

Benjamin & Gary Leeds, Co-founders, MODERN Fidelity

In 2017, founders Gary & Benjamin Leeds set out to create a home music playback solution designed to combine iconic design & astonishing sound with the advanced features of today's best technologies. The result: the incomparable ModFi-7 wireless speaker.

The story of MODERN Fidelity is the story of a lifelong pursuit of excellence for both father & son; one an analog master from an earlier generation, the other a tech geek from this one, both connected by the timeless passion for music that bridges generations.

Gary discovered the world of high-performance audio at age 14 and is now in his 45th year in pursuit of sound excellence. With the MODFI-7, the MODERN Fidelity team have helped Gary author his proudest achievement. His lifelong study of the electronic arts is the heart & soul of the ModFi-7’s extraordinary listening experience. Like his father, Benjamin began to hone his passions early in life. At age 22, he launched his first tech venture which inspired him to join Gary to create the ModFi-7’s digital architecture enabling the speaker’s unparalleled, wireless audio and signal processing capability.

The ModFi-7 is the result of Gary & Benjamin’s combined passion and experience, In doing so, they have created a wireless speaker that is at the vanguard of what a modern listening experience can and should be.

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