CES 2019

2019 is off to a fast paced start. After some much needed rest over the holidays, the MOD squad was off to Las Vegas for the 2019 iteration of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). For those not familiar, CES is an annual industry get together of 4,500 exhibiting companies and over 180,000 attendees representing 150 countries. In short, it’s a whirlwind week of amazing new technology demonstrations, meetings with partners, and of course plenty of swag giveaways.


The Age of the Digital Assistant

Google and Amazon’s digital assistants were the center of attention at CES 2019.

This year, our CEO and I took the rare opportunity of having so many of our technology partners in the same place at the same time to strengthen our relationships and make progress towards the launch of our upcoming product: the ModFi 7 high fidelity smart speaker.

It’s no secret the smart speaker market is a crowded place with offerings of all kinds. Did you know you can buy a waterproof rubber ducky with Alexa built in? As a small team about to launch their first smart, connected, wireless product it can be nerve wracking seeing all the options you have to choose from when purchasing a smart speaker today. All that said, the team left CES encouraged and with a renewed passion for bringing you our high fidelity streaming speaker. After hours walking the convention center and visiting exhibitions there’s not doubt companies are doing amazing things with speaker connectivity technology – but there’s still one thing missing – the sound. The Modern Fidelity team came to be because we recognized there wasn’t a connected, smart speaker out there that excelled at doing the one thing it’s meant to do: create astonishing sound.

We believe now more than ever the time is right for Modern Fidelity and the ModFi 7 speaker. We can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself.

Benjamin LeedsComment