The MODFI-7's Secret Superhero Identity is a Guitar Amp?!?

We thought we would get a little crazy, and see how the MODFi-7 would fare as one of my 14-year old son’s guitar amps. Check out the video here to see a couple of down & dirty tests we conducted at home with Max playing a Fender Deluxe Strat® HSS

The first set of 2 tests show Max riffing on “Lenny” by Stevie Ray Vaughn and then “The Wind Cries Mary” by Jimi Hendrix. These comparative tests utilize an XLR BlueBird™ microphone approximately 3-4 feet away from the speakers and recorded completely raw without any sweetening, reverb, guitar pedals, or digital effects. He first plays straight to Fender’s legendary ‘59 Bassman guitar amp with its four large 10” drivers. Then using an iRig HD 2, Amplitube’s Fender ‘59 Bassman simulation software on an iPad with the much smaller prototype MODFi-7 loudspeaker (shown in the video without its iconic wire-mesh grill), we produce results that are shockingly similar to the dynamics & warmth of the Fender tone that has rocked the world for generations!


The second test is Max just playing around with a custom amp & pedal effects he designed in Apple GarageBand. This section of the video is recorded with a handheld iPhone without any post-processing on the audio what-so-ever. Again, the result is a sound that is utterly convincing to the real thing. Other off-camera tests showed that we were able to simulate a multitude of guitar amps & effects pedals though the convenience of the one loudspeaker.

Of course the best part… after Max plays the licks of his favorite blues legends, we love using the MODFi-7 to listen to their classic studio albums in full glory. And not to be outdone by the old masters, Joe Bonamassa’s latest live blues albums are a particular treat to listen to on the MODFi-7 as well. Just crank it up and thrill in the way its professional grade, high-efficiency dual-concentric woofer & high power handling tweeter with compression horn loading attack Joe’s searing guitar licks on stage— a concert-level experience without leaving your living room!

John Heins