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 Our Story

Modern Fidelity is the brainchild of the father and son team Gary and Benjamin Leeds. The inspiration behind MODERN Fidelity is the duo’s shared passion for music and belief that everyone deserves to hear the music they love played back with great sound.

Drawing on Gary’s lifetime of experience designing, building, marketing, and selling performance audio products, combined with Benjamin’s digital programming and user experience expertise they founded Leeds Highfidelity (LHF) in 2012. LHF’s mission was to see how far they could push the boundaries of sound reproduction using digital technology to build bespoke high-performance music systems for luxury homes. They surmised correctly that without the cost limitations inherent in producing higher volume, less expensive consumer products they would be able to push technology to its limits and establish a successful firm as a class leader in modern audio system design.

Fast forward to 2015 when Amazon introduced the Echo, ushering in a new era of low-fidelity smart speakers that sacrificed sound quality for convenience: Alexa, Okay Google, Hey Siri! Living in a new universe where digital convenience has replaced true high-fidelity sound Gary and Benjamin sensed an opportunity to use the technology developed at LHF to meet this moment.

They asked: what if the team could deliver an affordable  product that included the modern digital conveniences today's consumers demand with the audio performance and design quality of LHF’s $10,000 plus luxury music systems? After years of intensive development Gary and Benjamin are proud to introduce the first product from their new company, the ModFi 7, a singular solution that incorporates the latest in streaming and digital convenience combined with a concert quality home sound experience for under $1,000.

ModFi 7


Astonishing Sound

The MODFi-7 wireless speaker is the first in a series of beautifully designed products delivering concert quality sound, while simultaneously incorporating the digital features, ease-of-use, and smaller size today’s consumers demand.

Iconic Design

Inspired by the masters of mid-century modern design, the stylish ModFi 7 will enhance any home in a White, Black, or Walnut finish with classic microphone double mesh grill.


Wireless Connectivity

The ModFi 7 makes streaming all of your favorite music services easy. Connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and never miss a beat.

Colors to Complement any Home

 Modern Fidelity Brand


Our Team

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Gary Leeds - Co-founder and CEO

Prior to forming MODERN Fidelity, Gary founded Leeds High Fidelity (LHF), a firm specializing in high-end audio systems manufacturing including various proprietary methods for the design and manufacture of digitally based loudspeakers. His industry experience spans forty years including retail, wholesale, manufacturing, product design, and engineering operations. Prior to LHF, Gary was Managing Partner at Codex Advisors, a boutique M&A and business advisory firm.

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J. Benjamin Leeds - President, Co-founder, and CTO

Benjamin heads manufacturing, digital platform development, information systems, and finance. Prior to joining MODERN Fidelity, Benjamin was a technical requirements analyst for maintenance, engineering, and safety applications at Alaska Airlines, Founder and CTO of his own IT firm, Information Kinetics, and CTO for Codex Advisors.

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John Heins - Creative Director

With 30 years of experience in marketing & design on consumer brands including: Sam Adams, Milagro Tequila, Kraft Foods, JVC, Kelty Outdoor and Saucony. A skilled & hands-on craftsman, John melded his love of music with his 3D illustration skills to design & help produce award winning audiophile loudspeakers & electronics. Most recently, John has focused on experiential marketing for national events ranging from Cisco executive summits to globally-minded forums in Africa.

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Steve Burgess - Director of Acoustic engineering

Steve has held audio engineering positions at Fosgate/Audionics, Duntech/Dunlavy Audio, SoundTube and Evett & Shaw. With technology experience ranging from military avionics, mission critical data processing facilities infrastructure, as well as electronics & loudspeaker design for 30+ years, he runs audio design and engineering firm Burner Audio from his laboratory in Cerrillos, New Mexico where he has helped actualize MODERN Fidelity’s ground-breaking audio designs.


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